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TEDMED – “How will your cell phone help prevent disease…”

By KT McGraw – @KTMcGraw_HIT

TEDMED 2011 took place last week.  While I’ve been familiar with the TED conferences for some time and was even lucky enough to attend a TED conference here in Boston this past year, I just found out about TEDMED.  If TEDMED is anything like a typical TED conference, I can tell you it’s a must attend event if you have even an inkling of interest in healthcare and innovation.  To me, the TED experience was a lot like going back to school in order to create a clean slate and rethink the approach to the things we’ve deemed impossible – like curing cancer or creating a cost efficient, streamlined approach to genetic sequencing.  What TED gets at is the idea that if you’re able to smash a whole bunch of people from a variety of backgrounds and differing levels of expertise and knowledge into one place, sometimes the impossible can become surmountable.  Moreover, sometimes the seed of one idea can spawn an answer to a seemingly unsolvable puzzle.

Please note, it’s super easy to get sucked into the series of TEDMED videos on the web.  Here’s one of my personal favorites from Sherwin Nuland on the “Goodness of the Physician.”  I warned you…

In case you’re like me and unfamiliar with the magic that is TEDMED, here’s a quick summation of the ins and outs of what TEDMED 2011 was all about from what I could find via the web and social media:

  • Sample of Interesting Tweets from 2011
    • TEDMED

Khan: In developing countries, 40% of food spoils. If we could save 1/3 of our lost food, we could feed the billion hungry. #tedmed

    • ePatientDave Dave deBronkart

Makes tumor tissue fluoresce green so surgeon can be sure it’s all gotten. Even glows THROUGH some surrounding tissue. Wow. #tedmed

    •  cnnhealth CNN Health

#Stress seeps into your cells and changes 100s of important biological processes including how quickly you age, says Elissa Epel. #Tedmed

Have you been to TEDMED before?  If so, we’d love to hear more about your experience.  Also, FYI, TEDMED is moving to Washington, D.C. in 2012 – good news for us folks on the east coast!

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